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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Immigration Experts secures data connectivity between user and our website. You can freely use our website and submit your personal information. All appropriate measures are taken to ensure the security of user’s data. Read below for more information about our privacy policy:

Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information from users through forms and cookies available on our website. This is done in order to either provide better experience to the end user or to contact user if user filled in a contact form. Through cookies data such as your geographical location is also tracked. We only collect information that is necessary for contacting user and providing them a better experience throughout the immigration process.

You can, at any point of time, switch off cookies and not fill in any forms to disable us from collecting any information about you. To do so, you can simply open the website in incognito mode. Still, for a better user experience, you should consider signing up to our website.

Usage clauses pertaining to personal information

Any information collected from the user is only used for providing a better user experience. If user fills in a contact form, then that information is used for contacting the user. We only share information with our subsidiaries and parent company and do not provide user information to any third party service provider.

Separate profiles are created for each user who visits our website. Information regarding their visit is stored in cookies. By using our website with cookies enabled or filling any form on our website, you agree to adhere to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.


Children Policy

We do not collect information about children who are under the age of 13. If any such information is available in our database, we permanently delete it asap on being aware about that data. To know more about our privacy policy towards children you can check out the rules and regulations provided by appropriate government agency.

Contacting Users

If you sign up for our newsletter and emails, or fill in a contact form, then we’ll use the provided information to contact you via mobile number or email address. Our emails and newsletters are geared towards users who want the latest updates about immigration. Also, if you’re contacted by any third party associated with our organization, then feel free to inform us about them unless you specifically asked to get in contact with them.

Questions about the Privacy Policy

We can assure all users of our website that we take all appropriate measure and use state of the art technology to protect their data. Privacy is a major concern for users and we take it seriously. To know more about our privacy policy feel free to contact us.