Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wonderful destination should you desire in working or residing in a new country. If you have the perfect combination of professional experience and qualification you will automatically become eligible for the work visa. As opposed to other countries, Hong Kong does have any quota on the total number of people that can work and reside like a skilled migrant here.

How to obtain a visa for Hong Kong Immigration?

Below are some routes that will enable an applicant in obtaining a visa for Hong Kong like a skilled professional. These include,

Denmark visa and its different types

Generally Denmark visas are of 4 types and we can help you avail any as per your need,

  • Having done your education full time in Hong Kong will make you eligible in extending your return or stay in the country under the IANG (Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates)
  • Having obtained your degree and/or higher qualification from outside Hong Kong will make you eligible in immigrating to the country under the GEP (General Employment Policy). It will not apply for residents, especially in Mainland China.
  • The Mainland’s Chinese residents who are not educated from Hong Kong while having the skills, experience and desirable knowledge may visit the country under the ASMTP (Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals)

In fact the immigration routes that have been mentioned above will not apply to citizens residing in Vietnam, Nepal, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Laos, Cuba, Cambodia, Albania and Afghanistan.

Non local graduates- immigration arrangements

Apply 6 months post graduation-

if the candidate has completed their degree course from an educational institute from Hong Kong and start the process to obtain the visa 6 months post graduation will not require having an employment offer as the condition to receive the visa especially under the IANG.

Apply post 6 months after passing graduation-

if 6 months have passed since the candidate graduated from the university of Hong Kong and apply under the IANG he/she should have scored a bona fide employment offer when they apply.

Visa duration-

the candidate’s residence permit and visa will be good, especially for the initial period. They may apply for the extension of their visa post this time for 2 years. If the candidate extends their stay for the second time the visa will remain valid for another 2 years while in the case of the third time it will remain valid for 3 years.

General Employment Policy-

should one decides to migrate to Hong Kong like a skilled migrant and has the needed experience, skills and qualifications he/she will be eligible in obtaining a visa under the General Employment Policy. In case of a Chinese national residing overseas, the candidate will be eligible in coming to the country under the General

Employment Policy should they possess a permanent residence abroad and residing overseas for a minimum of 1 year prior to the application.

No matter you desire to study, work, hire workers or visit Hong Kong the team of experts at Immigration Xperts will provide you with good advice, information as well as representation while applying for the work permit or visa. To know more get in touch with us at the earliest.