Are you planning a temporary visit to Canada for sightseeing, visiting friends or relatives, then get in touch with us at Immigration Xperts. Visiting this country is a privilege and not a right. We have good experience in this domain and have been offering Canada Tourist Visa to our esteemed clients for a good number of years now. To visit Canada for a brief time period will require any non-Canadian national in having a tourist visa to Canada. Although Canada does offer visa free travel for permanent residents and citizens of some countries for 6 months, but those people who will not get this concession will have to apply for a visit visa that will grant you 6 months stay in Canada. If you need a TRS for entering Canada as a visitor then you must apply for this visa in our office.

To obtain a visitor visa to Canada can be challenging in some countries owing to the constant change in rules and regulations, particularly in countries having many applicants and a high population. When you apply for a visa from us you will have to show us that indeed you will come back to your permanent residence country and you will require to prove the same with documents.

As opposed to long term business and work visas the sole financial need placed on a visitor visa applicant is that you should be capable of supporting yourself all through your stay in the country. This form of visa will not allow you in taking up any job there, although it will allow you to undertake short-term study courses, but on a condition that the course duration does not cross the time period of 6 months offered by the visa. This visa will be offered to you strictly on a temporary basis and though this can be extended, but by no means will constitute a way to permanent immigration. It will be a mandate for you in demonstrating that it is your intention in departing for your resident country after the expiry of the visa.

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