Get Canada Work Permit Visa
Applying for a study permit visa or Australia skilled visa has now become easy with Immigrations Xperts. We have hand picked some of the best study abroad consultants who will help you in every step of the way to help you make a sound decision.

While applying for this visa you will have to provide us with the following documents,

  • Letter of explanation
  • Proof of acceptance and identity
  • Source of financial support

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for studying in Canada or Australia you must fulfill the following criteria,

  • Be accepted via a reputable learning institution in Australia or Canada
  • Have enough proof to show that you can pay for
  • The living expenses both for yourself as well as the family members who accompany you
  • Tuition fees
  • The return transportation expenditure both for yourself as well as your family who accompany you
  • You should be law abiding, having no criminal record, thereby not creating a risk to the people of Canada or Australia.
  • You will also require in offering a police certificate
  • Most importantly, you should be in sound health as well as willing to undergo a medical examination, of course if the need be
  • You must be capable of satisfying an immigration officer informing him that you will be leaving Canada or Australia at the termination of the authorized stay

Apply for Canada Work Permit Visa
With excellent culture and diversity, world-class cities, vast wilderness and long coastlines, Canada and Australia are natural destinations for students. There are lots of reasons as to why you must study here and these include,

  • Quality education at a cost-effective price-Canadians and Australians are very serious when it comes to education and the universities in these countries help in demonstrating that dedication with lovely ultra-modern campuses. In fact the different degree programs offered in these countries are vast. Here the cost of living and the tuition fee is comparatively low.
  • A safe community- Be it Canada or Australia both is a safe and friendly country having high living standards. Student health benefits, low crime rates and universities that focus on the health and security of the student make studying here an excellent choice for anyone who feels uncomfortable about their personal safety while staying abroad.
  • Technologically advanced campus-Canada and Australia are both at the forefront when it comes to technology trends. They offer ample opportunities for learning.
  • Rich multiculturalism-both these countries possess a policy to encourage multicultural diversity that has led to a welcoming setting. The people here will ensure that the traditions and customs of the people are preserved while their dignity and value at the same time are respected. When you are here you can be yourself as there will be no pressure of assimilating to the prescribed values.
  • A beautiful and exciting place to live-there is immense to enjoy outside the campus as well.
  • So if you wish to study in Canada or Australia and want help from the top Canada Study Visa Consultants or Australia Study Visa Consultants you know whom to contact right?