Study Visa

These days the majority of the students wish to study in Canada owing to their best educational institutes, pleasant climate and a rapidly growing economy which wholeheartedly welcomes students from all over. A multicultural nation having hassle-free access to the finest education and pocket friendly living are the features which motivate students in flocking to this country every year. Canada is counted amid the most educated places with more than 50% people having a college degree. We at Immigration Xperts love to assist students in every step while applying for the Canadian Immigration student visa. Our staffs will make sure that students get the acceptance offer from a Canadian University of their choice in time. We will also provide advice concerning the student visa as well as lodging the application. We are dedicated to help students in taking admission in a good Canadian college or university. Though a lot of students wish in studying in Canada yet are not equipped with sufficient information concerning the institutions, ways of obtaining the visa and the requirements are concerned. This is our work and we will be glad to guide you all through the way. Anybody willing to study further in Canada can get in touch with us right away.

Canada study visa- Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for this visa the candidate should,

  • Be accepted by a university, college, school or any other Canadian institutions
  • Provide proof such as certificates, receipts or bank statements that you are financially sound to pay for the living expenses and tuition fees
  • Be in the pink of health
  • Not have either a security risk or a criminal record
  • Be in the pink of health


There are some who will not require a Canadian study visa for studying in Canada. Such exceptions include,

  • People having a registered Indian status within Canada
  • Foreign armed forces members that are in Canada and under the act of the visiting forces
  • Staff members and family of Canada’s foreign representatives like diplomatic officials and embassy staffs

From 1st June 2014 it has been declared that those who hold a Canadian Study visa meeting the eligibility criteria will be permitted in working off or on campus devoid of a work permit separately. Candidates that meet the below mentioned criteria will be capable of working till 20 hours every week covering the term time and during academic holidays for a full time.

  • Should possess a valid study visa for Canada
  • Should be a full-time student
  • Should study in a renowned educational institute in Canada like the CEGEP, community college, Canadian university, technical school, publicly funded trade or a private educational institution that is authorized via provincial statute for conferring degrees.
  • Should be studying in Canada at a post secondary level
  • Should be studying at a secondary vocational qualification level or post secondary level
  • Should study in a program which awards a certificate, diploma or degree
  • Should study in the program which lasts for a minimum of 6 months

So if you need a student visa for Canada immigration, we will be the right source.