If you need any information on Canada business visitor then contact us at Immigation Xperts. Canada has a lot to offer to the business visitors. Innumerable international business people every year flock to Canada for a temporary basis on the lookout for exciting and new opportunities to advance the existing relationships and business interests or for investment purposes. Through the Business Visitor Visa the foreigners will be capable of applying to come and visiting Canada for conducting business with top Canadian companies.

Under this visa, the foreigners will be capable of applying to come as well as visit Canada especially for a short term. This visa will allow eligible candidates in exploring dynamic business opportunities, participating in trade conferences, meeting with the Canadian counterparts within Canada and also experience the culture and hospitality of Canada. If a candidate desires to visit Canada for travelling, visiting attractions, enjoying leisure activities and exploring business options this visa will be the best suited. Though the business visitor visa will not entitle applicants in working in Canada this will offer them the opportunity of experiencing Canada for themselves.
You can qualify like a business visitor, especially if you happen in being a foreign national who desires in visiting Canada temporarily in order to search for a new business opportunity, for investing or enhancing existing business relationships. Usually a business visitor will reside in Canada for a couple of days or weeks. For being regarded a business visitor, it is vital for you to show that you are,

  1. Intending to reside for less than 6 months
  2. Your key business place and income source are located in the outer parts of Canada
  3. The profits from the business accrues outside Canada
  4. Offer documents which will support your application
  5. Meet the basic entry needs of Canada if you,
  • Possess a genuine travel document like the passport
  • Possess sufficient cash for your stay as well as returning home
  • Plan on leaving Canada after the expiry of your visit
  • Do not pose health, security or criminal risks to Canadians

The business visitors are free in travelling anywhere all through Canada and visit friends, family and also experience the many attractions of the country. During their stay, a business visitor will be capable of taking part in trade shows, conferences, meet with potential clients, look for lucrative business opportunities, take orders and explore their choices to extend their stay in the country.

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