Canada Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

If you need any information related to Federal Skilled Worker call us at Immigration Xperts. This application is assessed resting on the ability of the applicant in becoming economically established after immigration to Canada. After 1st January 2015 the applications related to Federal Skilled Worker are processed via the Express Entry Immigration. The applicants eligible under the class of Federal Skilled Worker should make the expression of interest to migrate to Canada through an Express Entry profile.

The Eligibility Criteria

For being eligible for the Canada Immigration Visa, the Federal Skilled Worker candidates must,

  • Possess a minimum of 1 year constant full-time or equal paid work experience within the last 10 years in the skilled occupation
  • Qualify for the arranged employment in the country with the labor market impact assessment as well as a permanent, full time job offer especially from any Canadian employer
  • Pass the threshold of the language ability in either of the two official languages of Canada- French or English

Besides the applicants of the Federal Skilled Worker should obtain a minimum of 67 points resting on the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) immigration selection factors.

The selection factors are given below. Read each factor thoroughly to know more about it.

  • Adaptability- the candidates will be given up to 10 points on different factors which prove they are capable of shifting to Canada
  • Arranged employment- the candidates will be offered up to 10 points, especially if they have arranged for an employment in Canada which caters specific needs
  • Work experience- candidates will be provided up to 15 points in case of specific paid work experience which they gathered in the past 10 years, yet should attain a minimum score of 9 points for qualifying
  • Language skills- the candidate will be offered up to 28 points of which 24 will be for the first official language and 4 for the second official language

The moment a candidate caters the eligibility and the points needed, they must show they possess sufficient funds for supporting themselves and any dependent for that matter after they reach Canada. The candidates as well as their dependents should undergo medical examinations as well as obtain security clearances for the application process related to Canada immigration. The Canadian government will recognize that the awarded points under the selection system of skilled worker at all times, do not reflect the chances of an applicant to establish themselves successfully in Canada. So as a consequence, Immigration Canada and Citizenship will be authorized in using an alternate method to assess an application. A Visa Officer under the substituted evaluation concept will make their respective evaluation to become economically established within Canada. It is this method that will enable the Visa Officer in accepting or refusing the candidate regardless of the points the candidate has received.
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