Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program Ainp

Alberta is counted amid the most socially and economically dynamic provinces in Canada. Situated in Western Canada, the economy here is rapidly growing. It is the home to two biggest cities in Canada, namely Edmonton and Calgary. All said about this country do you wish to know more about the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program or the AINP, then help is at hand. We at Immigration Xperts are there to take care of your needs in the best way possible. Through the help of this program, we will allow prospective immigrants having the experience and skills in obtaining an Alberta Nomination Certificate that will work wonders in speeding up the immigration process in its entirety. This program contains 3 key immigration streams namely,

  • Self Employed Farmer Stream
  • Employer driven stream
  • Strategic recruitment stream

Self Employed Farmer Stream-

it will enable people having personal funds and experience in farming in purchasing and developing a farm within Alberta and applying for permanent residence. Every successful applicant is a farm operator/owner that desire in residing in Alberta for purchasing and managing their farming business.

Employer driven stream-

it will enable employers in nominating workers to this program for immigrating to Canada. This way the candidate will possess the comfort to know that the job prospect is bright post becoming a permanent resident while employers easily will be capable of retaining the workers they require. The Employer driven stream has 3 sub categories namely,

  • Semi skilled worker category- this is for a temporary foreign worker that has attained a full time and permanent job offer exclusively from an employer in Alberta in a semi-skilled occupation that is eligible.
  • International graduate category- this is for those who have received a masters degree from a renowned post secondary educational institution in Canada, has received a full time, permanent job offer from an employer in Alberta and holds a valid PG work permit.
  • Skilled worker category- it is for those with a full time, permanent job offer, especially in a skilled occupation that is eligible. During the application the candidate need not require to work in Alberta.

Strategic Recruitment stream-

it will enable people in applying to the AINP devoid of the support of an employer. This stream has 3 categories, namely,

  • Optional and compulsory trade category- a tradesperson that holds either a Recognized Trade Certificate or an Alberta Qualification Certificate will be eligible especially under this category. During the application the candidate needs to reside in Alberta and on a work permit that is valid and work in an optional or compulsory trade.
  • Engineering occupation- this category has been designed for drafters, designers and engineers with work experience in Alberta. The applicant should work in any of the occupations designated.
  • Postgraduate worker- people graduating from a top post secondary educational institute in Alberta and working currently in Alberta on a PG work permit in an occupation that is eligible will be eligible for such program.

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