Are you looking for a visa company that can help you with parent migration/visa in Canada then look no further. We at Immigrants Xperts will be the right choice for you. Our visa consultants will guide you all through the process and will make the processing of your parent visa for Canada a hassle-free one. For being eligible for this visa, you should be a parent of a Canadian citizen, eligible citizen of Canada or a permanent resident of Canada. Besides, you will require passing the test of balance of family that will help in specifying that at least one or half of your kids should reside permanently in Canada or you should be having more children residing in Canada permanently compared to other single countries. Besides, you need being sponsored via your child or maybe another adult that has settled in this country like a permanent resident or citizen for a minimum of 2 years. The sponsor should offer a legal understanding for supporting you at the time of your stay in Canada for the first two years. Also you will require in satisfying the character and health needs for a permanent entry to the country.

A brief on the basic pre-condition for parent visa application

For instance, if you desire to live in Canada permanently and is a parent of a citizen of Canada, eligible Canada citizen or Canadian permanent citizen you can definitely apply for the parent visa at Immigrations Xperts. In order to apply for this visa your different visa needs as a parent will include,

  • Have a child that is a citizen of Canada, eligible Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident
  • Settled in Canada (a resident for a minimum of 2 years)
  • Ready to sponsor you
  • Is 18 years or above
  • Clear the test of the balance of family
  • At least one or half of the kids reside in Canada permanently or
  • More kids residing in Canada lawfully and permanently in Canada than other single countries
  • Possess an authorized assurance of support

Parent Visa and its broad categorization

At Immigrants Xperts, we offer Canada Parent Visa in the following categories namely,

  • Aged parent visa-this is basically an inshore permit, especially for aged parents to live in Canada permanently. The applicant should have kids who is a permanent resident of Canada or is a Canadian resident. Every parent whose kids are Canada’s eligible citizens are eligible for a parent visa.
  • Subclass 884 Contributory aged visa-this is basically a temporary visa having a validity of 2 years and only applicable for parents whose kids are permanent residents of Canada or is an eligible Canadian citizen. In fact, this subclass 884 visa can be processed faster yet at a higher rate. Any temporary visa holder will be entitled to a permanent visa after 2 years.
  • Subclass 864 contributory aged visa-once again this visa is again meant for an aged parent who has children settled in Canada permanently or is an eligible Canadian citizen. This visa is quite expensive.
  • Subclass 173-143 contributory migrant visa-the application for this category of visa should be carried out prior to the Contributory Parent Visa’s expiry that had been issued for the temporary residence. In fact, this documentation is provided for candidates that hold a contributory visa subclass 173 as well as planning for the contributory migrant visa.

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