Why Immigrate to Canada

Today the majority of the populace is immigrating to Canada because this country has the highest positive immigration policies. In fact, every year the Canadian Government actually plans in admitting more than 2,00,000 immigrants. Canada is a leading G-7 Nation along with being the world’s second largest country having a population of about 30 million people. This country is highly developed and boasts of excellent working conditions, high living standards, outstanding education system and the best health care system. Canada has immigrants from almost every country and its success is mostly because of the contribution made via such immigrants. The diversified cultures and backgrounds makes this country unique while multiculturalism is promoted for maintaining such unique melting point.

Why Canada has been voted the finest place for immigration by the United Nations?

  • The finest country to reside in the world
  • Access to the Mexico and US markets as per the agreement of NAFTA
  • Minimal government regulations to start a business
  • Entitlement to the government welfare benefits during necessity, unemployment insurance, old age insurance, free education, free medical facilities
  • Dual Citizenship allowed
  • Eligibility of citizenship in Canada within 3 years of stay in Canada with a permanent residence status
  • Ample opportunities for software professionals in the IT sector
  • Migration possible for investors and skilled workers
  • Free medicals and education
  • Successful migration and with full family

Make the most of Canada’s Social Welfare Programs

Canada is amid those countries that truly cares for their residents. As a result, they offer a lot of Social Welfare Programs. Along with free child’s education up to grade 12 and free healthcare program, this country also offers the below mentioned social programs,

  • The residents of Canada are offered 60% of the wages drawn during layoff from the job only if a person has worked in Canada up to 6 months
  • The resident of Canada is offered by the government with a social welfare allowance if the person is not capable of supporting them and not capable of getting a job.
  • The resident of Canada is entitled to get a retirement pension under the Canadian Pension Plan. This rests upon the age in which the person selects to choose the plan. This is optimal at 65.
  • The residents of Canada is entitled in the country for old age pension. The pension amount will rest upon the total time lived in Canada. This will be maximum has the person resided in the country for 40 years post the age of 18.
  • The provincial and federal governments offer specific amount each month for upbringing a child.
  • To receive a good education is crucial today. This is the finest thing one can do for building a better future, both for themselves as well as their children. Education in Canada is free in the Public Schools up to class 12
  • It offers the best health care systems. Best doctors’ offices, clinics or hospitals are situated in most communities.

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