New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

Are you in need of any information related to New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) then get in touch with us at Immigration Xperts. This is an effective provincial immigration program that is made possible via an agreement along with the Canadian government. It is an economic program that will help in selecting and nominating skilled workers and qualified business people from the world over who will reside in New Brunswick as well as contribute towards the local economy. The potential candidates are asked in completing the expression of interest as well as submitting the same to the NBPNP. The Immigration Program officers will review the applications resting on the eligibility needs and selection factors. A candidate should meet the eligibility needs and should also be aware that catering the eligibility needs will not guarantee the nomination. The priority will be offered to candidates that possess the highest potential of becoming economically established in the place.

Through the NBPNP program the potential immigrants possessing the experience and skills targeted via the province will get the New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Certificate that will enable that foreign national in applying for a permanent residence in Canada with processing fees which are faster compared to other Canadian immigration classes. This program will accept applications exclusively under the below mentioned immigration categories namely,

  • Business applicants
  • Skilled workers with employer support
  • Skilled workers with family support
  • Express entry labor market stream

The New Brunswick Government has of late announced a pilot program known as Succession Connect with the help of which newcomers in the province will have the flexibility to run a business at New Brunswick.

  • Business Applicants- NB accepts applications in this category exclusively from people who plan on owning and actively managing a business here. The candidate is expected in making a monetary business investment.
  • Skilled Workers with employer support- under this category New Brunswick will accept applications from those who managed in receiving a permanent, full time job offer from an employer in New Brunswick.
  • Skilled workers with family support- under this category New Brunswick will accept applications of people who worked here and also has family ties with the province.
  • Express Entry Labor Market Stream- The NBPNP program has developed as well as launched the Express Entry Labor Market Stream. It is this stream that will allow the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program in using the Express Entry immigration selection system for catering the specific demographic needs and labor market of New Brunswick. This stream functions under the model of Expression of Interest.

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