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Located amid Nunavut and Yukon, the NWT or the Northwest Territories is the name of a sole expansive territory. The NWT has a huge amount of untouched forests with over 40,000 residents as its population. The Northwest Territories Nominee Program or NTNP is a popular program through which prospective immigrants having the experience and skills targeted via the province will receive the Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Certificate that will enable the foreign national in applying for the Canadian Permanent Residence having processing times which are faster compared to the other available Canadian Immigration classes. This program will accept applications, chiefly under 2 immigration programs with each having its respective set of stream,

  • Business Driven Program
  • Employer Driven Program
  • Northwest Territories Express Entry

A glance at the different immigration programs

Business driven program- under this we have the entrepreneur stream and the self employed stream.

  • Entrepreneur stream- Northwest Territories Nominee Program or NTNP will accept the application in this stream for business owner operators and entrepreneurs who desire in establishing a business within the Northwest Territories. In fact businesses in every ecomonic sector is highly welcome to apply but any business that wishes in introducing new products or products of high benefit for the Northwest Territories will be given more priority.
  • Self employed stream- as per the latest news this stream of the Northwest Territories Nominee Program has been closed permanently. The NTNP will receive applications under this plan from the self employed experts who plan in establishing professional practices and business outlets that will offer services which are highly in demand within the Northwest Territories.
  • Employer Driven Program- under this we have the critical impact worker stream and the skilled worker stream.
  • Critical Impact Worker Stream- Northwest Territories Nominee Program accepts applications in this stream from candidates that has received an employment offer from NWT employers in unskilled or semi-skilled positions. With regards to eligibility the candidate should have worked already in the Northwest Territories position for at least 6 months.
  • The Skilled worker stream- the Northwest Territories Nominee Program will accept applications in this stream from candidates that has received an employment offer from Northwest Territories employers in the skilled position.

Northwest Territories-Express Entry Stream- the candidates that are applicable for entering the Express Entry Pool via qualifying for any of the 3 federal immigration programs- Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades or Federal Skilled Worker) my be eligible for the Express Entry System of the Northwest Territory that niominates specific prospective immigrants that cater the Skilled Worker Stream’s criteria.

The process to apply for this program differs resting on your present status and situation along with other crucial details. With every situation being different, it is indeed crucial in assessing your responsibilities and individual needs on the basis of case by case prior to deciding which immigration will best suit you as well as your family’s needs. To know more, please feel free to contact us through phone or mail and help us serve you better.