British Columbia is situated in the Western most province of Canada and is a centre both of economic growth and cultural diversity. Being the home to Vancouver, the third biggest city of the country, British Columbia is counted amid the most diverse of all provinces within the whole of Canada. Its economy concentrates on a natural resource sector laying emphasis on mining and forestry. The natural environment here with an exclusive coastline and expansive forests is amid the most beautiful.

You must have heard about British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program or the BC PNP but do you know what it actually is and what is its function? Relax, we at Immigration Xperts are there to guide you throughout. With the help of this program the prospective immigrants having the experience and skills targeted via the province will get the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate. It is this certificate that will enable the foreign national in applying for a permanent residence in Canada with much faster processing time compared to other forms of Canadian immigration classes.

This program accepts applications through 2 key immigration streams namely,

  • Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Skills Immigration (which also includes the Express Entry British Columbia)

Both these streams are categorized further into more types. Below is a list of each that will help you in determining which BC PNP is ideal for you.

Express Entry British Columbia- this program will align with the Express Entry immigration selection system of the federal government that will allow an eligible candidate to get priority processing, both of their BC PNP application while if nominated the permanent residence application. Below is a list of the skills immigration categories which can be processed via the Express Entry British Columbia. These include,

  • International PG category
  • International Graduate category
  • Healthcare professional category
  • Skilled worker category

Skills immigration

  • British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program skills immigration is categorized into the below mentioned categories,
  • Entry level and semi-skilled worker- the workers in specific semi-skilled or entry-level positions in hospitality/tourism, long haul trucking or food processing or workers in the semi-skilled or entry level positions working and residing in British Columbia’s Northeast Development Region may be eligible when it comes to immigration via this program.
  • International post-graduate category- it is for graduates with Doctoral degrees or Masters degree from a renowned institute in British Columbia either in the health science or natural applied programs of study. For applying under such sub-category no job offer will be required
  • International graduate category- it is for those who have graduated especially from a recognized Canadian college or university in the past 3 years. Here a job offer is required from an employer in British Columbia for being eligible in this sub-category
  • Health care professional category- here people with eligible job offers and experience as allied health professionals, psychiatric nurses, nurses or physicians may apply. In fact an eligible offer of a job should be obtained for 1 of the 11 most qualifying health occupations
  • Skilled Worker Category- it is for people that has attained a job offer that is highly eligible within a skilled occupation. The worker needs to possess good experience and expertise in the skilled occupation.

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