We at Immigration Xperts offer assistance on PNP or Provincial Nominee Program to our esteemed clients. So if you wish to apply for this program, we will be the right choice for you. Our staffs will help you in understanding what PNP is all about, what are its eligibility needs and ways to apply for it. Our team of professional and skilled consultants possess good knowledge on the Provincial Nominee Program of every province and thus can assist you in applying and gaining permanent residency successfully in Canada for the single program that you qualify for. Currently the Provincial Nominee Program exists in Canada in the below mentioned territories and provinces namely,

  • Saskatchewan
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Yukon
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Manitoba
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta

Under the PNP the employer will possess the liberty of nominating a selected number of applicants for specific skilled positions as well as further, making an application to the participating state in the case of sponsorship related to Canada’s work permit. The following needs apply under the PNP program,

  • The position is permanent and full time
  • A position which cannot be filled up by a permanent citizen of Canada or a Canadian citizen
  • The position will be offered to the applicant that has the needed qualification
  • The position will be offered to the applicant that has the needed work experience
  • Lastly the position will help in satisfying the provincial nominee employment as well as wage standards.

The aforementioned provinces and territories possess different Provincial Nominee Program needs to be catered for gaining sponsorship, especially for a work visa in Canada, but at the same time there are some essential needs that are present in fact in every case.
Post getting a sponsorship from any province under the PNP, the candidate will then require in making a formal application to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for the permanent resident visa. In fact, it is crucial in taking into consideration that the sponsorship from the aforementioned province or territories will not ensure the approval of the permanent resident visa. Here the ultimate decision will rest on the CIC.
Along with the basic qualification criteria, the candidate and his/her family will need in meeting the below mentioned needs for a residence visa to Canada on a permanent basis.

  • Sit for a medical exam
  • Offer good character evidence
  • Abide by the laws, both Canadian and Provisional

Generally there are 2 methods of immigrating to Canada like a provincial nominee like a business entrepreneur or a skilled worker having a job offer. There are a few Canadian provinces that have sub-categories under such basic categories. Many provinces, however possess a special category especially for students that desire in obtaining permanent residency as well as work within the province post completing their studies. Besides, those having a family staying in Canada can also qualify for the permanent residency visa particularly under such immigration program.