Do you wish to learn how you can bring your husband or wife to Canada? Relax, Immigrations Xperts can help you in bringing your spouse to Canada. It is not just that we desire in bringing your family together in Canada, but this country itself is about family unification. With us you will get the guidance of the best Canada Spouse Visa Consultant in India. This visa is offered to the spouse, civil partner, de facto partner and dependent children of an individual staying in Canada. The Canada Spouse Visa will allow your spouse to visit the country for staying with you. The citizens of Canada or residents of Canada will be capable of sponsoring their partner or spouse or dependent children and de facto partner from another country for migrating to Canada.

Visa requirements

In order to apply for a Spouse Visa for Canada, below are the essential needs which the sponsor and the applicant both should meet. These include,

  • The sponsor should be a Canadian citizen or a permanent Canadian resident
  • The age of the sponsor should be 18 years or above
  • The sponsor must sign a 3 year sponsorship contract with the Canadian administration for supporting the spouse or partner and children
  • The applicant’s age must be 16 years and above
  • If the couple tied the knot in Canada then they should show the marriage certificate which has been issued via the province

Why choose Immigrations Xperts for your Canada Spouse Visa?

Below are top 5 reasons as to why you should select Immigrations Xperts for your Canada Spouse Visa,

  • Our visa consultants will help in preparing your visa application in the finest way possible. We will give our best in making the application processing shorter.
  • Our staffs will take care of all the paperwork and help you enjoy peace of mind. They will also guide you as to which documents that you will require to prove the status of the relationship
  • Being an Immigrations Xperts client you will be entitled to unlimited visits, phone calls and emails and at a flat rate which means no hidden and unexpected costs
  • The consultants in our company will act as the contact point with that of the visa office, thus you can relax learning that we are handling all the correspondence along with that of the visa office.
  • Our staffs can help you in deciding the processing type that will best suit your case. We can also assist in getting a work permit, especially for your spouse.

We at Immigrations Xperts possess a proven track record and leave no stone unturned in getting you approved as painlessly and quickly as possible. Most importantly, you require being a Canadian Citizen or a permanent Canadian resident for sponsoring a spouse, your parents/grandparents or a dependent child. No other family members will be eligible in being sponsored which means you will not be capable of sponsoring or even be sponsored via a close friend, nephew, niece, cousin or a sibling. Above all unless you have tied the knot you will not be capable of sponsoring your partner as just an engagement will offer no status in the country.