Dependent Child Sponsorship

People migrating to Canada will be permitted and encouraged in bringing their family along when they shift to Canada. But in a situation where the sponsor’s children or child reside outside Canada then they will qualify in immigrating to Canada like the sponsor’s dependent child. If you need help in this regard call us at Immigration Xperts. For sponsoring children or a child under this program the sponsored child and the sponsor should get an approval via the government of Canada. After the successful sponsorship, either the children or the child will get Canadian permanent residency that is unconditional thereby offering them the right of studying or working in Canada. The Dependent Child Sponsorship Program will enable a permanent resident or Canadian citizen that is 18 years and above in sponsoring a dependent child.

Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens are allowed in sponsoring their adopted or biological child/children in becoming permanent Canadian residents. The government of Canada makes it possible in sponsoring children that cater the dependent child’s definition. For sponsoring the dependent child of your spouse or your dependent child you should be approved first and foremost as a sponsor via the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). At the time of evaluating the application of your sponsorship the CIC will take into consideration a couple of factors namely,

  • Your compliance with the preceding sponsorship agreement
  • Your income

Your relation with the child/children (in case of adoption the parent is expected in establishing with the child a genuine relationship of parent-child prior to submitting the application of sponsorship).
In order to become a sponsor you should be,

  • A minimum of 18 years of age
  • Should not be a bankrupt
  • A permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen
  • Convicted with any serious offense
  • Should not be under any removal order or in prison

Dependent Child

There has been a change in the definition of a dependent child since 1st August 2014 for CIC programs. The age in which a child will be regarded dependent indeed has been reduced to under 19 years from under 22.


There is some exception in this regard. Any child that is dependent on his/her parents financially because of physical or mental condition still will be regarded dependent irrespective of the age. In fact a dependent child means one who possess the any of the below mentioned bond with the parent,

  • The parent’s biological child
  • The parent’s adopted child

And any of the following case,

  • Below 19 and not in common-law relationships or not married
  • Is 19 or above and dependent on parents financially because of a mental or physical condition

A child that is in a common-law relationship or is married cannot qualify like a dependent child despite being under 19. Besides someone having a child that is a dependent child of the sponsor at the same time cannot qualify in this program irrespective of the age should they be married. To know more call us today.