Consult with ICCRC

The ICCRC or the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council is a national regulatory body which serves as well as protects the public via overseeing the international student advising experts and citizenship consulting. The standard with every regulatory body, the ICCRC will fulfill the mandates in the following ways,

  • Establish entry-to-practice needs of a candidate to seek admission in the regulated profession
  • Oversee the conduct and development of their profession
  • Licensing professionals
  • Receive, adjudicate complaints and investigation
  • Administer a disciplinary process for sanctioning experts that fail in meeting the standards of the regulator

The ICCRC came into existence on 28th June, 2011 to regulate the immigration consultants. In fact the ICCRC has been set for gaining maximum oversight during the immigration procedure. The collaboration between the government and the ICCRC ensures that the people do not get cheated and victimized into spending excessively from the pocket. With an aim to protect people, the ICCRC helps in setting educational standards, accrediting immigration practitioners, providing and enforcing the code of conduct along with defining the standards for being utilized for the Trust Accounts where immigration and client fees are paid. Every criteria laid down by the ICCRC should be fulfilled for an individual in being an ICCRC member along with the authorized representative while dealing with the government in Canada.

The Immigration Xperts Services

We offer professional assistance to every application, shifting to Canada, obtain permanent residence and move to Canada in the form of a permanent or temporary resident. It applies whether the needs include spousal sponsorship, family class applications, looking for discussion forums, a work permit, information about appeals or desire a competent migration consultant for helping you with representation and applications. The team at Immigration Xperts help skilled workers, entrepreneurs, business applicants, investors, independent immigrants and Canada visa applications resting on marriage or possessing a Canadian partner and with appeals. Our staffs are fully qualified in advising and assisting you with every form of Canadian visa applications that also includes Provincial Nominations and Canada Experience Class and can also guide you when appeals are required. After living in Canada for 4 years like a permanent resident if you desire you can get in touch with us about your possibility to become a Canadian citizen. Our Canada immigration consultants will advise you in the different immigration categories to utilize for migrating to Canada or suggest alternate choices such as,

  • Temporary work visas
  • Family class
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and Businessmen
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Live-in caregivers
  • Canada Experience Class
  • Students visas
  • Temporary work visas

Do not play up with your career, but join hands with our immigration law qualified professionals. As you are performing this task for the very first time, so it is best to leave it in the hands of our consultants who has filed innumerable cases and will be capable of handling the case in a professional way. They have been dealing with these cases for quite some time and thus are totally an expert.