Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

Are you looking for any information related to visitor visa subclass 600 then we at Immigration Xperts can help you. This visa has been specially made for people who desire in travelling to Australia like a tourist either for visiting family members or for business purposes.

The visitor visa subclass 600 has 4 streams

This visa contains 4 streams, namely,

  • Tourist stream- it is for those who wish to travel to Australia for visiting friends and family, recreation or holiday. Should you apply for it, then your presence in Australia while deciding it is a must. On the contrary, if you are outside the country while the decision is made then you should be outside Australia.
  • Approved destination status stream- it is for the People’s Republic of China that travels in a tour group that is organized. You should be outside the country while applying and deciding the visa.
  • Business visitor stream- it is for business people who wish to travel to Australia only for a brief business visit. It includes to make negotiations, employment inquiry, general business or take part in a conference. While applying for this visa and during the decision of the visa you should be outside Australia.
  • Sponsored family stream- it is for people who wish to travel to Australia for visiting their family. The applicant should have a sponsor that may asked to offer a bond. While applying and deciding the visa you should be outside Australia. You will not be able to apply yet for another visa post arrival in the country.

Common criteria

  • Is travelling to Australia like a genuine visitor, such as visiting friends and family, recreation, or a tourist
  • Possess access to sufficient funds for supporting yourself at the time of the visit
  • Has a good character as well as health
  • Has private health insurance and a certificate from a physician of fitness to travel if above 75 years
  • Has no debts with the Commonwealth
  • Comply with all conditions that are imposed on the visa

What the visitor visa subclass 600 will let you do?

It will allow you in travelling to Australia for,

  • Having a holiday or visiting friends and family in Australia
  • Studying in Australia for a minimum of 3 months
  • Engaging in business activities when in Australia should you
  1. (a) Do not sell services or goods to the public
  2. (b) Do not work or offers services to any organization or business in Australia

The department will inform you the number of times you will be capable of entering Australia through this visa. The candidate will be permitted in entering only once. During such situations you will require applying for a new visa should you plan in returning to the country after you leave. The candidate will be capable of travelling to Australia to and from multiple times during the validity of the visa yet the time spent here cannot be above the stay period that the candidate has been granted.