Australia Skilled Immigration in Delhi
Skilled Visa

Are you a qualified candidate desiring in migrating to Australia under the Australia immigration skilled visa category, then we at Immigration Xperts can offer you with a chance in gaining entry to this country. You can apply in the category under which the pertinent skills, work experience and language ability are required for satisfying the immigration needs of Australia and to reside and work within Australia. Should you not cater such needs, you may be capable of qualifying only if you are a senior executive, have family members residing in Australia or a business owner. Every skilled migration option has various needs for entering to Australia. In fact, in the majority of the cases you will require in satisfying the basic needs and in various categories the candidate needs in clearing the points test.

The requirements for this visa includes,

  • Age– While applying you should be under 50
  • English language- You must have the needed ability in English for working in Australia
  • Nominated Occupation- While applying you will nominate that skilled occupation that fits your qualifications and skills. Your nominated occupation should be present under the Skilled occupation list
  • Character Assessment- You should possess a good and clean character which will be assessed
  • Health Assessment- You must have a reasonably good health and every applicant should get his/her health assessed via a panel physician and go for a medical examination
  • Skills Assessment- Prior to applying you should get your skills assessed via an Australian assessing authority that is designated in assessing your nominated occupation.

Skilled independent category

This includes the following,

  • Skilled Independent Regional Applicant- Candidates that cater the basic needs and desire in living and working in a regional and/or an area in Australia that has a low population growth. Currently this pass mark indeed is the lowest amid every skilled independent category and any application under it will get priority processing
  • Independent Applicant- Candidates that cater the basic needs and does not possess a family sponsor- such category is amid the most renowned skilled migration option and is easy in coming under.
  • Skill Matching- Candidates that may/may not cater the points test as well as seeking in being nominated via an employer or Australian Territory/State
  • State, Territory Nominated Independent- It is for skilled migrants that has been nominated via a participating territory or state.
  • Independent Overseas Student- It is for foreign students that is presently studying or having undergone a course study in Australia about 2 years or more

Skilled Sponsored Category

  • Designated Areas Sponsored- It is for those skilled candidates that has close family members residing in any of the areas in Australia that has been designated
  • Australian Sponsored- It is for the skilled candidates that has close family members residing in the major cities within Australia (not under the designated areas)
  • Designated Area Sponsored Overseas And Australian Sponsored Student- It is for foreign students that has a family in this country and of late completed a study program in Australia.

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