Family Visa

Are you in need of Australia Immigration Family Visa then come join hands with us at Immigration Xperts. This visa will entitle parents, partners, children as well as other family members in migrating to Australia subject to particular pre-conditions. Generally, this visa is sponsored via the citizens of Australia, eligible citizens in New Zealand and permanent residents in Australia.

Visa subclass

Under the visa subclass there are 3 chief categories namely,

  • Subclass 461 New Zealand Citizenship Family Relationship Visa
  • Subclass 802 onshore child visa
  • Subclass 101 offshore child visa

Parent Visa- this visa is provided to candidates that has eligible children / child that stays in Australia as a citizen of this country, an eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent citizen. The parent visa category is sponsored mandatorily via the children that resides in this nation. This visa is issued both for aged kinds and working parents. Candidates immigrating through this visa may take up any employment in the country. Initially, few parent visas are provided for a temporary settlement which later can be made into a permanent visa subject to the application. In fact, there is also a section called Contributory Parent Visa that ensures prompt immigration processing though at a costly fee. A limited number of such visas every year is issued via the Australian immigration authority. Owing to this reason there is a long queue of application as a result of which you may require waiting for your turn.

Partner Visa- this visa will allow a fiancé/fiancée or spouse in immigrating to Australia especially for settlement. People migrating here with this visa option initially will be allowed temporary visa followed by a permanent one after some years. This visa category includes the following,

  • Willing partners, including same sex couples
  • Partner, fiancé or fiancée intending marriage
  • Married partners or spouses
  • The immigrating applicant should posses a partner in the likes of- an eligible citizen of New Zealand, Australia citizen and a permanent Australia resident.

Child Visa- a child visa just as a parent visa is again issued under different sub-classes. The child visa sponsorship in general necessarily is done via the parent that is settled in Australia permanently, is a qualified citizen of New Zealand or an Australian citizen. Should the child be in Australia then they should immigrate like an orphaned relative, dependent child or a permanent resident. In case of an offshore candidate, orphaned relative visa, adoption visa or dependent child visa can be attained.

Other family members- dependent relatives, sisters, brothers or care takers can also immigrate to Australia on a temporary basis initially and later converting it into a permanent one. A family visa of this category in Australia will be sponsored by- an eligible citizen of New Zealand, a permanent Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident.

We at Immigration Xperts are cautious in assessing this visa. We check each application meticulously and submit the same with proper documentation. Character certificates and health conformity reports are necessary documents that are required for the Australia visa application.