Prospective Marriage Visa

Do you need help on prospective marriage visa, then call us at Immigration Xperts. The Australian Immigration Prospective Marriage Visa is a temporary visa especially for the unmarried partners that desire to shift to Australia. It is valid for a period of 9 months at the time of which the candidate should marry their Australian sponsor. The applicant having this visa will be eligible in tying the knot with a partner that falls under one of these categories- resident of Australia on a permanent basis, citizen of Australia and an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

The eligibility criteria

For being eligible for this visa you need to be,

  • Sponsored by a permanent resident or citizen of Australia with whom the applicant is in a genuine relationship
  • The candidate will require in proving that there are obstacles to marry the intended spouse including,Both are free to marry
  1. Both are of a marriageable age
  2. The intended marriage indeed is recognized under the Australian law
  • Met as adults and know the intended spouse well. This should be the case even during,
  1. An arranged marriage
  2. Both met as children while the marriage had been arranged prior to turning 18
  3. Met online
  • Required to meet the character and health needs of Australia

Full work rights will be granted during the Prospective Marriage Visa’s duration. After marriage the candidate will be eligible in applying for a permanent residence via the Spouse Visa.

Benefits galore

The Australian Immigration Prospective Marriage Visa will offer plentiful benefits namely,

  • May leave as well as re-enter the country many times as the candidate wishes prior to the visa ceases
  • Will be able to work in Australia
  • Will be capable of applying for the partner visa within Australia after marrying the fiancée
  • Will be capable of studying, but the candidate will not possess any access to funds from the government
  • Can use the scheme of hospital care assistance and Australia’s medical expenses, but only if in Australia and applied already for the partner visa.

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