Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

Your search for a company that can offer you detailed information pertaining to SOL (skilled occupations list) will end with us at Immigration Xperts. The SOL will help in identifying the occupations which will benefit from the skilled migration, particularly to meet the skill requirements of the economy of Australia right from the medium to the long-term skills. It is the department of education and training that is held accountable for the Skilled Occupation List’s annual review. The department will offer advice and guidance for the Vocational Education and Skills’ Assistant Minister that offers suggestion to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection particularly on the SOL’s composition.

When it comes to the occupations suitability for removal/inclusion from the SOL will be assessed with the help of a 2 step process namely,

  • Firstly, it will include identifying occupations which are the most vulnerable to supply constraints or likely to warrant the government intervention in Australia for addressing such constraints
  • Secondly, it includes assessing the skill requirements of the economy that is medium to long-term for each identified occupation in step one for determining if the same will prove beneficial from skilled migration. An occupation in general will help in satisfying the second step should the scenario be such that the extra skilled workers is indeed unlikely within the medium-long term. The assessment will be based on different indicators along with stakeholder input.

2016-17 Skilled Occupations List Review

The SOL of 2016-17 came into effect from July 1st, 2016 following the SOL’s review undertaken at the time of the late 2015 as well as early 2016. Here are 183 occupations present on this list published at the ANZSCO level. In fact the review had been undertaken during late 2015 as well as early 2016.

Review of the Skilled Occupation List 2017-18

The submission for the SOL review of 2017-18 went open from October 11th to November 21st 2016. The SOL’s composition is reviewed annually, while the process to update the 2017-18 SOL is now underway. For informing the labor market, the department looks for evidence and expert advice on the occupations suitability for including the SOL. The SOL for 2017-18 will begin from July 1st, 2017.

Flagged occupations

Considering the SOL of 2016-17 there are different occupations that are flagged for removal possibly in the future. The occupations are generally flagged at the time of additional supply within the labor market, especially in medium-long term.
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