Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143)

Looking for a company that can help you with contributory parent visa subclass 143? Relax, we at Immigration Xperts are there to help you. This visa is for parents that desire to reside in Australia permanently and sponsored via their child, especially one who is settled as a citizen in Australia.

A brief on what is this visa

It is a permanent residency visa that will enable parents, particularly of the Australian Citizen, an eligible New Zealand Citizen or permanent resident to reside in Australia. While applying for this visa the candidate can be outside or within Australia. When in Australia the candidate can only apply if their temporary visa enables them in applying for another visa when they are in Australia.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants for this visa should,

  • Possess a child that is,
  1. A citizen of Australia
  2. A permanent resident of Australia
  3. An eligible citizen of New Zealand and
  • A resident in Australia lawfully for the last 2 years and in exceptional circumstances a shorter period will be considered
  • Possess a sponsor that will offer a written undertaking for offering support to the applicant as well as the dependant relatives, especially for the initial 2 years of residency within Australia. Usually this is the child of the applicant or the spouse of the child.
  • Cater the balance of family test candidate’s cater the test if,
  1. Half of the children of the candidate live in Australia as permanent residents
  2. More children of the applicant reside as permanent residents within Australia than other countries
  3. Cater the character and health needs

Who is it suitable for?

This visa will suit a candidate if,

  • They possess a child that is a citizen of Australia, an eligible citizen of New Zealand or a permanent resident of Australia and is sponsored via the child or hold the temporary Subclass 173 Contributory Parent Visa
  • The sponsoring child is a lawful resident in the country for a minimum of 2 years
  • The sponsoring child offers a commitment in writing to offer support for them for the initial 2 years of their residency in Australia
  • Cater the balance of family test. It means that at least half of the child reside in Australia as permanent residents, or more, of the children reside as permanent residents within Australia compared to other country
  • Cater the character and health needs of the government of Australia
  • Prepared in paying higher visa application expenditure for faster processing

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