Australia CSOL List

The recent CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List) is a merge of the STSOL (Short Term skilled Occupation List) and MLTSSL (Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List). This list contains occupations needed for the below mentioned visa types,

  • Subclass 457 temporary work
  • Subclass 407 training visa
  • Subclass 489 territory/state, skilled regional nominated visa

When note 25 is seen on an occupation these will be selected for,

  • Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189
  • Temporary graduate visa subclass 485
  • Skilled Regional visa subclass 489, provided the candidate is not nominated via the Territory or State government agency

Australia as we know is becoming stricter with regards to allowing people in migrating to the country, thus measures automatically are becoming tighter. With each passing year the government assesses the needs of the country resting on the employment market study for narrowing down and determining where exactly the shortages are and which occupants here require to work in filling for catering the market needs. It is in this manner as to how the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List is born as well as maintained. In fact, every year occupations is added and removed resting on the market demand. This indicates that if one’s occupation is present on the list, their occupation will be in high demand in the country.

Should the candidate caters the needs of the jobs that are in demand, then they can qualify for the Australia immigration.

  • While checking the CSOL should the candidate come across an occupation that they feel they can qualify for then right away, they should conduct some research in order to cater all the needs of that position.
  • Here to discover what qualifications are required, the total experience required and the specific skills needed along with what the candidate needs for qualifying is a must.
  • For further research the candidate can use the website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics that offers a search function that will help them in researching the occupations which they feel they may be apt for.
  • There are some individuals when they discover that they fail in matching the occupation that is in demand generally forgo their dreams to migrate to Australia yet why not take additional steps to make the same happen.
  • When gaps are seen the candidate can perform their own research regarding how they can fill the gaps. If for instance is there any gap in their skills which can be filled up in their present job? Contact the boss for extra responsibility so that they can expand their experience. Is it that they need a specific qualification to cater the occupation’s needs? The best step here will be to enroll in a university or college for fulfilling that need.
  • In order to discover whether the candidate needs a skill assessment, especially when they find their occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List, check the column on Assessing Authority.

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