Occupation Ceiling

You must have heard about occupation ceiling, but are you aware of what it is? Relax, we at Immigration Xperts are there to guide you in every step of the way. Simply put, an occupation ceiling indeed is a limit with regards to the total invitations which can be issued each year through SkillSelect. It is applied to the following- skilled independent visas, territory, business state or skilled sponsored visa and skilled regional sponsored visa.

A close look at the occupation ceiling list- 2015-16

Take a close look at the 2015-16 occupation ceiling list,

  • IT Professionals- under this domain the ceiling has been reduced considerably and changes in the minimum invitation scores are also expected as follows,
  • Application programmers and software- it has gone up to 5662 places by 6%. The minimum score here was 65 points and this year it may reduce or stay the same.
  • System analysts and ICT Business- here the ceiling went down to 1482 places by 4%. The minimum score in this case was about 65-70 and it is likely to stay the same this year.
  • Computer network experts- here the ceiling went down to 1426 places by 28%. In this case the minimum invitation score was 60 and this year it is likely to go up above 60.
  • Engineers- under this category most occupations have experienced ceiling reductions as mentioned below,
  • Engineering Managers- went up to 1407 places by 39%. As in 2015-16 this occupation was filled with only 3% there will indeed be no impact.
  • Professional Civil Engineering- went down to 2174 places by 27%. In 2015-16 this occupation was filled with only 45% and here again, there will indeed be no impact
  • Telecommunications Engineering Professionals- 1000 places with no change
  • Electrical engineers- increase to 1254 places by 2%. In 2015-16 this occupation again was filled by only 45%
  • Production, mechanical and industrial engineers- went down to 1539 places by 14%. In 2015-16 there has been a reduction to 1539 places by 14%. In 2015-16 this occupation had been filled and a minimum increase in the point score is expected
  • Electronics engineers- it remained same in 2015-16 in 1000 places
  • Other engineering professionals- 1000 places and no change
  • The occupation related to Mining Engineers has been taken off in 2016-17 from SOL.
  • Auditors and Accountants- this occupation is likely to witness a noteworthy increase when it comes to their occupational ceiling,
  • Auditors- went up to 1413 places by 41%
  • Accountants- went up to 4777 places by 89%
  • Medical practitioners- went up to 1315 places by 32%. Being the most popular occupational category, there is likely to be an increase here.

The biggest winners- some occupations that have witnessed a big increase in its occupational ceilings include refrigeration and AC mechanics, solicitors, psychologists, physiotherapists, registered nurses, medical laboratory scientists, chefs, plasterers and floor and wall tilers.
The biggest losers- some occupations that have witnessed a significant decrease in its occupational ceilings include panel beaters, landscape architects and architects, welfare service and health managers, machinists and metal fitters and social workers.