Australia SOL List

Are you in need of a skilled occupation list then contact us at Immigration Xperts right away. This is that list of occupations which are acceptable currently for Australia immigration. The occupations here are divided into different categories like traders, managers, professionals and so on and so forth. An individual choosing an occupation from the list should have their qualification assessed through an authorized and licensed agency prior to turning eligible for using the occupation points. The Australian immigration updates the SOL regularly for reflecting changes within the Australian Labor Market as well as present occupations demand in the country. Generally the ability, especially of an international student in being able to work as well as settle in this country has been the prime draw along with a competitive advantage with regards to other countries particularly the UK. In fact the countries which have permitted settlement and post study, work have been higher attractive destinations of which Australia is one of them together with New Zealand and Canada. The courses which have been in demand often times have been those which has a higher preference for migration as well as those which are present on the SOL. The international students, particularly those from the subcontinent have showed interest in programs like IT and Accounting.

No nominations, no sponsorship

SOL or the Skilled Occupation List indeed is the in demand list of Australia’s pertaining to skilled occupation. This is a component of Australia’s immigration system that is point based. In order to apply for the non-sponsored Australian provisional visa the candidate first requires in nominating an occupation especially from the pertinent SOL list. At present this list has 150 plus occupation and are eligible under the subclass 189. Should a candidate be eligible for any occupation under this category, they will have the flexibility to live as well as work in any part of Australia. This will be a skilled independent visa with no nominations and no sponsorship.

Occupations flagged on the SOL

The SOL is set via Skills Australia and it is reviewed annually. This applies to the general skilled migration as well as is pertinent for candidates for,
• Graduate Work Stream- Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa
• Skilled Regional Provisional 489 visa- a family sponsored points tested visa
• Skilled independent 189 visa- Independent points based skilled migration

The occupations on the skilled occupation list are regularly reviewed and of late a list comprising of 52 flagged occupations that may be removed in the future has been published by the Department of Education and Training. Normally the occupations are flagged when there is an over-supply within the labor market. The updated and new SOL list has been effective since July, 2016. This list comprises of a lot of updates and new occupations. There are plenty of high demanding jobs, especially for skilled workers that are on the lookout for a bright future in Australia.
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