Partner Visa

The Australia Partner Visa application along with a being a complex process will also change rapidly. At Immigrations Xperts our visa consultants are well aware of the nuances related to Australian visa and will save both your money and time via determining the finest visa type for you. One of the biggest benefits of hiring us is that you will have the flexibility of working under a registered consultant from the beginning till the end. Our skilled professionals possess a better understanding when it comes to Partner Visa for Australia and can help in navigating complex criteria for specific circumstances, thereby culminating in a process that is streamlined and stress-free. Ever since our foray we have offered innumerable people the world over with expert support and advice all through the visa application process and similarly we will help you too. Married partners and de facto partners, which also includes same-sex relationship, especially of an Australian permanent resident, citizen of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand will be provided a visa for entering Australia and permanently remaining under the category of partner. The couple is required in offering support evidence for proving that they cater to the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible for this visa?

Partners of the citizens of Australia, permanent residents of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand may enter or/and remain in Australia permanently. The partners include,

  • Same-sex partner
  • De-facto partner
  • Married partner
  • Fiancé or fiancée

Australian partner visa-married

While applying for partner visa based on marriage, it should be compulsory for you to be married legally. If you tied the knot in another country and is valid there then it will also be considered valid under the Australian law. All that you will have to show us the marriage certificate as your marriage proof.

Australian visa for de facto partner

A de facto partner should be capable of proving that they have resided together for a minimum of 1 year. In order to prove that the relationship is continuing nad genuine you will have to prove the following,

  • Show knowledge with regards to the personal circunstances of one another
  • Joint finances like a real estate’s joint ownership, joint bank accounts, other major assets if any
  • Married partner
  • The nature of the household that includes living arrangements like joint household accounts or joint residential receipts
  • The social facet of the relationship offered in statements by parents, relatives, family members, friends as well as other interested parties if any
  • Joint organization membership or may be joint participation in social, sports and other activities
  • Joint travel

It is your distinct circumstance that will help in determining the visa in the partner category that is most ideal. If you are not sure regarding the visa’s eligibility then it is wise to complete the no obligation spouse visa assessment. The spouse visa will act as a common pathway to migrate to Australia. In facr this visa will offer genuine couples a viable choice of settling in Australia that may result in permanent Australia residence.