Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804)

The Aged Parent visa especially subclass 804 is a visa that will allow older parents to reside in Australia provided they are a parent/parents of a citizen of Australia, residing in Australia permanently, or is eligible citizen of New Zealand settled in Australia. We at Immigrants Xperts can offer you with the Aged Parent Visa (subclass 804) but it is crucial that the application is in ideal conformity with the checklist of the application. Our staffs will make sure that the immigration form is completed in an accurate and proper way. An application that is accurately filled will naturally be processed earlier as opposed to an improper one that has high chances of being returned or rejected. Every staff in our company is highly knowledgeable and is adept about the immigration process in and out and thus will provide you with the right guidance all through the process of the assessment of the visa and also its verification.

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804 eligibility criteria

Any candidate applying for an aged parent visa subclass 804 include,

  • Have a child that is
  1. A citizen of Australia a permanent resident of Australia
  2. An eligible citizen of New Zealand
  3. Residing in Australia lawfully for a minimum of 2 years although in exceptional cases a shorter period is likely to be considered
  • Meet the age requirements,
  1. The men should be above 65 years in order to apply for an aged parent visa
  2. The men should be above 65 years in order to apply for an aged parent visa
  3. In case of women it will vary resting on her birth date
  • Have a sponsor that will provide a written undertaking for offering support for the candidate as well as their dependent family during the their residency for the first 2 years in Australia. Usually this is the child of the applicant or the child of the spouse
  • Cater the test of the balance of family that means
  1. The applicant’s half children reside permanently in Australia or
  2. The applicant’s more children live in Australia as a permanent resident than other countries
  3. Very well cater the character and health needs

Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804- Entitlements

The Aged Parent Visa Subclass 804 will enable parents to reside with their children permanently who are staying in Australia. It will allow parents in

  • Travelling to as well as from Australia and 5 years from when the visa has been granted. After this period the aged parents will require applying for resident return visas or any other visa for going back to Australia
  • Allowed in enrolling in Medicare which is a popular health care and expense related scheme
  • Allowed to study and work in Australia
  • When eligible apply for the citizenship in Australia
  • No entitlement to get social security payments automatically or even the age pension as well as require waiting,
  1. 2 years exactly from the visa granting day for the social security payments
  2. 10 years exactly from the visa granting day in case of disability and age pension payments