Skilled Nominated visa 489

Need help on Skilled Nominated Visa 489? Contact us at Immigration Xperts. This visa is a provisional visa for 4 years that needs the holder to reside and work within a regional area for obtaining permanent residence. For qualifying for this visa, it is essential to be sponsored by a relative residing within a designated place or a State/Territory Government.

The SkillSelect Only Application

While applying for Sponsored or Skilled Nominated Subclass 489 visa, the candidate first and foremost should lodge an EOI (Expression of Interest) via the SkillSelect as well as get invitation to apply via the Immigration Department. The moment the candidate is invited for applying for the skilled visa he/she needs to lodge their application within 2 months, lest it will result in the lapse of the invitation. Likewise, it is crucial that the candidate has every needed documentation ready to lodge right away post getting the invitation.

Criteria of the visa

For qualifying for the subclass 489 visa the candidate will require in,

  • Lodging an Expression of Interest as well as be invited for applying
  • Get sponsored via a relative residing in the designated place, or is nominated via the State/Territory Government
  • Have the pass mark, currently 60 in the points test of the skilled migration Aged amid 18-49
  • SPass skills assessment with regards to the occupation on the pertinent Skilled Occupations list
  • Possess competent English or even higher
  • Cater the character and health needs

A candidate can apply for this visa if he/she is sponsored via a relative residing in the designated place. In fact the relative should be a citizen of Australia, an eligible citizen of New Zealand or a permanent resident. Below is a list of the relatives that can sponsor such visa namely,

  • Grandparents
  • First Cousins
  • Nephew and Nieces
  • Uncles and Aunts
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Parents

The applicable MLTSSL if sponsored via a family member is the same like that of the skilled independent visa list. When sponsored via a relative the candidate will require living for 2 years as well as work for a year full time in a regional and/or an area that has low population growth for qualifying for the permanent residence via the subclass skilled regional 887 visa.

Nomination by the Territory or State Government

Every Territory and State government publishes different list of occupations within their area. Specific needs may be there with regards to specialized skills, English language ability or work experience. The list of applicable occupations if nominated through the territory or state government is the Short-term skilled occupation list (STTSSOL) the same as that of the 457 visa and Employer Nomination Scheme.

The candidate can either be overseas or in Australia while applying for this visa. For lodging from within Australia the candidate will require in holding a substantive visa and/or bridging C, B or A visa. While applying from Australia, the candidate will get a bridging visa enabling them in staying in Australia at the time of the visa application process.