Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 173)

You must have heard about contributory parent temporary visa subclass 173 but are you aware what it is? Do not worry, we at Immigration Xperts are there to take care of your needs. This visa is a temporary one and the candidate can apply for it if they are a parent of either of the following- an eligible citizen of New Zealand settled in Australia, permanent resident or a citizen of Australia. Should the applicant desire to stay permanently in Australia than they require applying for it separately for the permanent subclass 143 Contributory Parent Visa. For applying for this visa the candidate is mandated in being outside Australia. But if in Australia, the candidate’s another temporary visa must allow them in applying for this visa.

What this visa will allow you?

The contributory parent temporary visa subclass 173 will allow you in,

  • Residing for 2 years in Australia
  • Studying and working in Australia
  • Enrolling in Australia’s Medicare scheme, especially for the health related care as well as expenses
  • Travelling to Australia to and from for 2 years exactly from the date that this visa is granted

Most importantly, this visa cannot be renewed or extended.

Basic needs

The contributory parent temporary visa subclass 173 will need a higher processing fee. Hence it is amid the key things that needs to be prepared for being capable of paying higher charges of the visa compared to other categories of visa. Along with this the other basic needs include,

  • Meeting the specific health needs.
  • The department posses standard character needs which the candidate needs to meet
  • Provide biometrics as a constituent of the application
  • Pass the balance of family test. It is a test which has been designed for measuring the candidate’s association with Australia. This will consider a number of children residing in Australia. It is a need that can be waived in exceptional and compelling circumstances
  • It has 2 fees, installments, one at the time of applying the visa while the other prior to granting the visa. The visa will not be granted if the second part of the installment is not cleared.

Visa processing

The truth is it is crucial for the candidate in offering the right documents at the time of lodging the visa application. It is vital as the visa grant is dependent entirely upon the authenticity and accuracy of such documents. Referring to the document checklist is important and this way the candidate can prepare themselves with the necessary documents prior to filling the form and this way it will save them from rejection and unnecessary delay. The certified copy of the original document will have to be attached. If the documents are in another language, get it translated correctly.

The team at Immigration Xperts are adept and well versed with the complexities and intricacies related to the visa processing. From identifying the right visa to the application process in its entirety, up to the safe landing in the new country, our team is at your service 24/7.