Australia Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

Looking for some information and help on the Australia Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189, then congratulations you have come to the right place. This visa has been designed for the point skilled workers that do not possess any sponsorship from an Australian employer or a nomination from a territory or state. In fact, it is this visa that will allow a candidate in attaining residency in Australia on a permanent basis. This is a resident visa, a permanent one designed for the skilled workers that desire in working and living in Australia. For migrating under this category, the candidate initially will require submitting an EOI and should then be invited by the Skill Select. The candidate requires being outside at the time of the visa application as well as when it is granted.

Visa requirements

  • After receiving the invitation letter, the candidate can apply for the visa while catering the below mentioned visa needs. He/she must have,
  • Competency in English
  • Attained the score that has been specified in the letter of invitation as per the factors mentioned in the points test
  • Not attained 50 years of age
  • Attained pertinent skills assessment for the specified nominated occupation
  • Nominated an occupation, particularly on the ideal skilled occupation list

Points test

The candidate will require to score a minimum 60 points to attain an invitation for applying. After receiving an invitation for applying, the candidate will require to score the specified point in the invitation letter.

Character requirement

There are specific character needs that the candidate needs to meet. They may be asked in presenting a police certificate from every country they have resided in the last 1 year or more at the time of the past 10 years. It also applies to the dependent that is listed on their application no matter they are migrating with them or not.

Health needs

In fact, there are specific character and health needs that a candidate requires in fulfilling resting on their situation. This will also apply to the dependent members as mentioned in the application. With regards to the validity of the health examination, it will remain valid up to a year.

Australian Government debts

The candidate will require making it clear that they do not owe an outstanding debt, especially to the government of Australia, if so, they will require clearing such amounts prior to the granting of the visa.

Exciting benefits

This is a permanent visa that has a lot of exciting benefits. It will enable the candidate in,

  • Staying indefinitely in Australia
  • Studying and working in Australia
  • Health related care as well as expenditure from the Medicare
  • Applying for a citizenship in Australia only after they are eligible
  • Sponsoring permanent residence to eligible relatives
  • Travelling to Australia to and from for 5 years right from the day the visa has been granted

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