Expression Of Interest

An EOI or expression of interest is a way to showcase your interest when it comes to applying for skilled visas for migrating to Australia. This is basically a Skill Select online form that asks a couple of questions pertaining to your skills resting on your selected visa subclass. In fact the EOI is used for calculating your ability of meeting the points test for specific visas while being made accessible to territory government agencies, state government agencies and employers if you wish being considered for the sponsored skilled visa.

How an EOI through Skill Select along with presenting my profile from the perspective of sponsorship will prove useful for me?

Such activities can create the difference when it comes to your selection or non-selection. As per the latest format laid down by the Skill Set, by doing so your entire information will become available to the recruiter who explores the talents accessible for recruitment needs.

What is the validity period of the invitation and what will happen after its expiry?

This invitation is valid for 2 months and must be submitted to the DIBP within the stipulated duration.

Even if I do not get any IELTS points will I be capable of presenting a petition with 60 points?

Yes, definitely you can do so.

If a person under the Subcategory 489 concludes his 4 years stay in Australia will he/she get PR within that term and if not what will happen?

He/she can provide a petition after 2 years for the PR Visa if not found guilty but if found guilty they will right away be denied the PR.

Is it mandatory to do both state sponsored and EOI simultaneously?

You can apply for both together and once the state sponsorship is approved the EOI will be updated.

Can the visa subcategory be changed after applying for the EOI?

Yes that is possible.

Is it necessary during the invitation for the IELTS and ACS to be legitimate?


Is there a single list for Regional sponsored and State sponsored or separate lists needs to be followed?

Occupations list is of two types namely schedule 1 -SOL and schedule 2-CSOL. The Schedule 2 is applicable for regional and sponsored schemes and Schedule 1 is for the independent skilled migration.

What is the selection criterion for EOI?

Basically this depends on the ranking that is inside the pool that keeps changing. It is crucial that each selected profile caters to the minimum points requirement that is 60 or 65 as per the case.

How will the EOI bank select the petition and what will be its time period?

The bank will choose the petition resting on when it is selected as well as shortlisted via the federal/region/state/recruiter bureau. And there is no such estimated time period.

What should I do should I encounter any difficulties at the time of employing the Skill Select?

Simply go to the Support page and it will offer you with an all-inclusive data that will include user guides, the technical FAQs and so on.

What is the pass mark for the permits that are point based?

  • 60 points for visa subclasses 489, 190 and 189
  • 65 points for visa subclasses 487, 886 and 885
  • 65 points for visa subclass 188

Is it possible in presenting an EOI within Australia?

Definitely yes,