New South Wales Occupation List

There is an excellent opportunity for skilled professionals and tradespeople to immigrate to South Wales. Along with being amid the most populous state in Australia, South Wales is also a state that has the biggest economy. In South Wales there are more jobs advertised compared to other states. Here the rate of unemployment is low and when it comes to salary it is about 15% more than any other country. In this country the quality of life is regarded by the majority in being the finest in Australia. With regards to climate, it is sub-tropical.

South Wales has indeed announced the expansion of the Skilled Occupation List that means higher skilled people having more skills in more professions and trades now will be nominated by the government in South Wales for a visa that entitles them in working in this state.

The Australian Government in February 2010 announced that they will delegate some powers over immigration, especially to the government, both of the territories and states which make up Australia. They announced the fact that the states will create State Migration Plans and the state will be capable of deciding the skills that were lacking in the economy and then make the Skilled Occupation List. Thus, they will be capable of nominating applicants for the Australian visas, but only if he/she was skilled in any occupation found under the list of state Skilled Occupation.

Due to the initial status of South Wales being a highly renowned destination in Australia, the Skilled Occupation List of South Wales was a small one. The Government of South Wales in the past felt they did not require trying hard in attracting immigrants like the other states. The skilled occupation list previously contained 12 occupations. On October 15th, 2012, there was an amendment in the list and lately there are more than 100 occupations present on the list.

Amid the professions and trades that will be found in the new list include,

  • Construction workers
  • Metal workers
  • Teachers
  • Engineers (various)
  • Medical practitioners (various)
  • Scientists (various)
  • IT workers (various)
  • Lawyers (various)
  • Accountants (various)

Skilled workers under the latest skilled migration visa system in Australia that desires in emigrating to Australia should submit an EOI in moving to the country to SkillSelect, a body which administers the skilled migration. This way the state government will be capable of nominating applicants that possess the skills which they need and are found on the Skilled Occupation List. Should they be nominated by the state the candidate, then will be invited in applying for a visa in Australia if they cater all the needs which should be met via the applicants.

Most importantly the application form of the SkillSelect should be extremely carefully compiled and the application must address the selection criteria of South Wales. If you wish to apply for this visa, we at Immigration Xperts can help. We are a leading visa consultancy firm having good years of experience handling visa applications.