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Do you possess the skills that is required in Australia? The truth is if the kind of work which you do happens to be in demand the same will be identified right away on the 2017 ACT Occupation List. Being an experienced migrant you will be capable of applying for the ACT nomination visa provided your nominated occupations’s status will be shown as open on this list. The ACT residents who work in the skilled occupation is likely to be eligible for applying for the ACT nomination.
The occupations identified will not relate to particular job vacancies, neither represent any guarantee of any job during a specific occupation. The success of finding an employment will rest on the needs of an employer, experience and relevant skills and the English ability level. Being a new resident you will not be capable of applying for some of the Federal Government positions, especially where the security clearance or citizenship is needed. Prior to applying for ACT nomination, it is important to read the rules and regulations to apply for ACT nomination, thereby ensuring that you fulfill the nomination criteria.

A list of the occupations added

Occupations have actually been added particularly in the field of real estate, engineering, design and HR. The majority of such occupations will not be there on the SOL while being difficult in obtaining a nomination in other territories and states. Should your occupation fall under one of the below mentioned categories, then the ACT nomination will be a good chance for you,

  • 612115 Real Estate Representative
  • 612114 Real Estate Agent
  • 233513 Production/ Plant Engineer
  • 233512 Mechanical Engineer
  • 233511 Industrial Engineers
  • 232414 Web designers
  • 232413 Multimedia designer
  • 232412 Illustrator
  • 232411 Graphic designer
  • 223113 Workplace relations adviser
  • 223112 Recruitment consultant
  • 223111 Human resource adviser
  • 132111 Corporate service manager

A list of the occupations removed

Some occupations have actually been removed, especially in the field of legal, nursing, management consulting, hospitality and marketing.

  • 411412 Mothercraft Nurse
  • 411411 Enrolled Nurse
  • 271311 Solicitor
  • 224712 Organization and Methods Analyst
  • 224711 Management Consultant
  • 224412 Policy Analyst
  • 222312 Financial Investment Manager
  • 141111 Rest Manager or Café
  • 133211 Engineering Managers
  • 131114 Public Relations Manager
  • 131113 Advertising Manager
  • 131112 Sales and Marketing Manager

Qualification criteria for ACT Nomination

Along with possessing skills assessment when it comes to the occupation Act list, you will require offering evidence of,

  • Enough funds for settling in ACT
  • The English language ability
  • Employability evidence in ACT

To conclude, it may be stated that the release of this list will be an excellent chance for people who possess skills that are widely in demand in Australia. To know more speak to our team of experts today. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable and undergo training from time to time to keep at par with the latest immigration industry trends and help you in the best way possible.